Join the tour

It is our ambition to grow Flix in the Stix to be as far-reaching and inclusive as possible. We are looking to develop the programme through further funding and sponsorship opportunities, and work with local councils, committees and village halls to bring Flix in the Stix to as many places as possible.

Due to funding restrictions, we are no longer running free screenings to village halls, but we are able to provide the monthly service to villages who have sought their own funding and are always happy to host one-off screenings. Our staff are experienced in applying for grants so can offer support in finding funding, should you wish.

We also recommend approaching local businesses, who might be willing to sponsor a screening or a whole year/season of screenings.  As an incentive, we could put their logo on the Flix in the Stix flyers we provide and here on the website, as well as on screen before the film starts. We could even run a short video advert if supplied.

If you do self-fund the service through grant money or sponsorship, we charge £3,600 for a full year of Flix in the Stix (which includes kit hire, technician, film licenses, flyers, online marketing, social media coverage etc. for 12 screenings) or we can run a one-off screening (without flyers/marketing) for £400 if you’d rather test the waters first.  Other alternatives (such as a ‘season’ or 6 months) can be worked out too.

If you fund your own screenings you would take home the full box office takings (we usually charge £4 per ticket, but you can charge what you like), which would help offset costs on top of the profits made from selling refreshments.  Raffles seem to go down well too, particularly if you can get prizes donated rather than buy them each month.

If you are interested in joining the tour or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Email